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  • CHEMOXY Water Resistant Flooring
  • CHEMOXY Water Resistant Flooring
  • CHEMOXY Water Resistant Flooring

CHEMOXY - WR Flooring, Water Resistant Flooring Manufacturer, Supplier


Chemoxy Flooring stands out as a premier name in the realm of water resistant flooring, offering a comprehensive suite of manufacturing, supply, and service solutions. Their commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovative materials elevates their offerings above the competition.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Chemoxy Flooring manufactures flooring solutions that withstand water and moisture challenges effortlessly. Their range includes a diverse array of materials, from laminates and vinyl to engineered hardwood, meticulously engineered to repel water, making them ideal for high-moisture environments like kitchens, bathrooms, and commercial spaces.

As a supplier, Chemoxy Flooring ensures prompt delivery of superior-quality products, tailored to meet specific needs. Whether it’s a residential renovation or a large-scale commercial project, their extensive inventory and adaptable services accommodate various requirements.

The fusion of innovation, reliability, and customer-centric services defines Chemoxy Flooring as an industry leader in providing top-tier water resistant flooring solutions, setting a benchmark for excellence in the market.

CHEMOXY - Water Resistant Flooring are specially formulated non-shrink flowable composition having high strength polymer based cement binder which are water resistant
and hard industrial floorings.

Recommended Application

• For Deck parking areas.
• Pharma & Industrial Areas for Medium & Heavy traffic movements.
• Industries where wet Areas are in operation, Production Hall, Dispatch & Load Bearing Areas with increased compressive strength.

Surface Preparation

• Surface Must be thoroughly cleaned area free of plaster debris, oil, grease, dirt, etc. followed by application of polymer to bond the new floor with the old existing floor.
• Spread the mortar in line & level while (Mixing thoroughly in tray or mixer) to achieve desired thickness.
• Minimum thickness must be not less than 25 mm.
• Floor must be finished manually/mechanically troweled to achieve smooth finish.
• We carry out coating of PU/Epoxy to achieve better aesthetic looks.

Technical Specification

• Compressive Strength: (After 28 Days) 350 Kgs/Cm2

  • 1
  • Easy Installation.
  • 2
  • Dust Proof Floor
  • 3
  • Ideal for trolley / Forklift Movement.
  • 4
  • The Floors are resistant to water.
  • 5
  • Increased compressive strength.
  • 6
  • Compatible to PU/Epoxy paint coatings.
  • 7
  • Foot traffic after 72 hrs.
  • 8
  • Can be applied for wet & dry areas.