Oxychloride Floorings

French scientist SOREL in nineteenth century discovered an excellent cement formed from the combination of magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride.  This cement type is now known by many different names such as Sorel, magnesite and magnesium oxychloride cement.  Chemoxy cement floor are chemical composition magnesium oxychloride cement, which has many superior properties to Portland cement and has the major commercial application for various types of engineering units for light medium and heavy industrial floorings.

As mentioned above, Chemoxy cement floor has many superior properties compared to Portland cement.  It does not require wet curing, has high fire resistance, low thermal conductivity, good resistance to abrasion.  It has excellent load bearing capacity because of its high transverse and crushing strengths, 475 - 680 Kg/cm2 are not uncommon. Chemoxy cement floor also bonds very well to a variety of inorganic and organic aggregates, giving a cement that has early strength, insectidal properties, resilient, conducting and is unaffected by oil, grease and paints.

The main bonding phases found in hardened cement pastes are Mg(OH)2,  3Mg(OH)2.MgCl2   8H2O (3-form)  and  5Mg(OH)2.MgCl2. 8H2O  (5-form). 5-form is the phase with superior mechanical properties and is formed using a proper molar ratio.

The reactivity of the MgO influence reaction rates and products, thus affecting the development of the strengths.  The magnesium oxide should conform to certain requirements of chemical and physical properties.  Conditions of calcinations, particle size and the active lime content must be carefully controlled. Chemoxy chemical composition conforms to the above requirements and is specially produced for making oxychloride floorings to yield a plastic mix of satisfactory workability use.

The magnesium oxychloride phase is not stable in prolonged contact with water, and will result in the leaching of magnesium chloride.  Various additives have been added to try and combat this problem of water resistance, with varying degrees of success.  Over a period of time, atmospheric carbon dioxide will react with magnesium oxy chloride to form a surface layer of Mg2(OH)ClCO3 3H2O.  This layer serves to slow the leaching process.  Eventually additional leaching results in the formation of hydromagnesite, 4MgO.3CO3.4H2O, which is insoluble and enables the cement to maintain structural integrity.


WHERE IT CAN BE LAID: Chemoxy floors can be laid on any hard surface such as cement slab, wooden and metallic surfaces.
PROCEDURE OF LAYING Chemoxy floor consists of part A (powder) and part B (liquid). The existing floor should be cleaned thoroughly (free of dampness, grease, oil and loose concrete). Wooden battens of 5mm thick are properly secured at regular intervals on the existing floor. A & B are mixed to a uniform consistency and is then laid on the floor and are trowel led finish 
CAN THE FLOOR BE CUT OPENED REPAIRED YES. The floor can be cut opened with the help of the mechanical tools like chisel, hammer or electric operated cutting machine. The patch can be refilled with Chemoxy material and the repaired patch will almost match with the old floor. Also the repaired patch fuses with the old floor and does not come out like cement floor due to the fusion property of the floor. 
THICKNESS Minimum thickness required is 25mm. The thickness can be increased as per the requirement.
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : Setting time is 5 - 6 hours
Manual traffic - After 24 hours
Trolley & Fork lift
Movement - After 48 hours
Compressive Strength:
*  280Kgs/cm2 after 7 days
*  485Kgs/cm2 after 28 days

Transverse Strength:
*  100Kgs/cm2 after 7 days
*  140Kgs/cm2 after 28 days

COLOUR Chemoxy floors are available in different colours such as red, green, gray, blue and yellow. The shades of the sample are for reference purposes only and exact matching of the shade cannot be guaranteed. Also the secondary colours tend to fade to some extent in due course of time.
CURING The floor does not require wet curing. Foot traffic and light trolley movements after 24 hours and heavy traffic after 7 days.

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